Inspired by light

 One of the most magical and beautiful phenomena in the Dead Sea is the reflection of sunlight on the water and mountains at sunrise. This scattering light gives a sense of spiritual transcendence, beyond physical matter. This brilliant, wild and elusive light has been inspiring LUMIOR scientists to ‘tame’ light and study its magical effects on our skin’s appearance.


The art of luring light

 For years, the cosmetics industry has been trying to define what truly constitutes beautiful skin. Following 3 decades of research and development, LUMIOR scientists are now certain that radiance and luminosity stand above all, in defining ultimate skin beauty and health. Yet, there is no scientific tool to measure skin’s radiance and glow. Until now.

 LUMIOR scientists have found the way to ‘lure’ light using the most potent and resilient ingredients on earth. LUMIOR is now developing one-of-a-kind technology that measures the light reflected from the skin’s surface. This light-measuring technology is helping LUMIOR constantly boost product efficacy and provide all skin types with the most advanced formulas, for more luminous, radiant skin.


The secret to enlightened beauty

 As part of LUMIOR’s quest to bring out skin’s most beautiful internal light, each LUMIOR product is formulated to summon your hidden enlightenment. This ‘Spectro-beauty’ measuring science leads LUMIOR’s future, and has established the revolutionary3D Power Booster.A proprietary formula foundin all LUMIOR products to materially tempt light from within and bring out its most luminescent brilliance.

It’s time to shine a light on more beautiful skin.


LUMIOR by AHAVA. Enlightened Beauty.