A Luxury Personalized Skin Care

Desert nature turns to science
LUMIOR was developed by AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories, the definitive Dead Sea Beauty Authority, 
with over 3 decades of scientific experience to uncover the revitalizing effects
of Dead Sea minerals, Mud deposits and Desert plants on skin. 

Mineral Elixir
The MInerl Elixir is collected twice a year from a single evaporation pool containing Dead Sea water,
which only on these precise 
days holds the ideal combination and concentration of magnesium rich minerals.

LUMIOR'S Mineral Elixir has been proven to be the best mineral composition
the skin can get in order to overcome its daily 
in particular, it protects skin against premature aging, helps regulate skin hydration and keeps it soft and smooth.

Dead Sea Mineral Facts

The Dead Sea is known as "Earth's spring of eternal vitality".
This hypersaline lake is truly one of Earth's most unique wonders; 
an essence of vitality, health and beauty, thanks to the natural rejuvenating, therapeutic powers concealed in its enigmatic water, mud and desert plants.

Back in ancient times, both Herod the Great and Queen Cleopatra turned this enchanting oasis into their personal health resort.

Many archaeology remains show that the Dead Sea Region was
the supplier of various beauty products, balms and perfumes.

Located at the Arava Desert, bordered by Jordan to the east and Israel to the west, the Dead Sea shores are the lowest point on earth (-427 meters below sea level).

The Dead Sea benefits from a unique set of environmental conditions:
its water boasts a mineral concentration of 34%, the 
highest concentration in the world, 10 times higher than any other sea, lake or ocean.
The huge mineral variety of quality 
materials are optimal for skin's health
and have many cosmetic benefits, including moisturizing, cleansing, detoxifying and anti-aging.