Our Skin Analysis process - The Minilab Experience

There is only ONE you in the entire world.

There is no such thing as identical individuals, even identical twins have different fingerprints.
Individuals have different skin needs, sensitivities and concerns, which are influenced by their genetics, diet, and lifestyle.
In addition to being unique, some of our skin properties change due to climate,
hormonal conditions, daily stresses, sickness, work environment, sun exposure, and many other factors.

The new and innovative LUMIOR personalized software is by capturing the individual,
delivering an enlightened beauty experience.
It analyzes one's characteristics, needs, skin type, concerns and desires,
translating all into a 'yours-only' personal skincare portfolio.

The uniqueness of the LUMIOR Minilab, personalized skin analysis system,
is not its measuring technology, but in rather the smart, cutting-edge software,
the first one to use artificial intelligence to define your skin's personal profile.



What is the difference between the LUMIOR Minilab and other brands?

The LUMIOR special patented approach takes advantage of artificial intelligence techniques to learn about consumers’ needs.

This scientific approach for selecting products and treatments for an individual`s skin
is based not only on customer’s skin measurements and life style,
but also on an on-going dialogue with their individual skin.

This dialogue is enabled by an algorithm with machine learning functions that are constantly
providing an up-to-date method for product selection.
We are able to provide important tips for a better quality of life and
offer the optimal treatment that will promote radiant, glowing, healthy skin.