Naturally-sourced ingredients for enlightened skin from within

Luminous, radiant skin starts with a deep understanding of nature and its offerings. The naturally-sourced minerals used in LUMIOR skincare are optimal for the skin’s health and beauty.

Extracted from the Dead Sea
with the highest concentration of minerals in the world, known for moisturizing, cleansing, detoxifying and anti-aging properties.
Thriving in extreme conditions
in the lowest place on earth, they also protect the skin from daily external aggressions.
Powerfully therapeutic
the minerals are highly effective for supporting the skin’s rejuvenation and help restore its natural luminosity.

LUMIOR 3D™ Power Booster

A pioneering innovative complex created from a powerful blend of potent minerals and resilient botanical elements that thrive in the most aggressive natural environments. The combination of these ingredients lays the foundation for complete skin revival: it produces a powerful synergy proven to empower the skin from within.

Dunaliella Salina Algae
A pioneering complex created from a ‘dream team’ of precious minerals and resilient botanical Dead Sea elements that thrive in the harshest desert conditions within and around the Dead Sea and provide the foundation for complete skin revival.
Date Palm Fruit Extract
A unique microalga, originated from the Dead Sea, with remarkable survival ability in saline water, thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants and β-carotene, which in the skin translates by enzymes to pro vitamin A supporting fine lines and wrinkle smoothness.
Deep Dead Sea Water
A local Dead Sea vitamin-mineral botanical rich source. The Palm Fruit extract is rich in anti-aging ingredients: vitamins A and E and essential minerals such as iron, magnesium & calcium that strengthen skin’s protection against premature signs of aging.

When combined, these 3 Dead Sea elements produce a powerful synergetic connection proven to empower skin power from within:


Boosting the skin’s cell turnover to its optimal renewal ratio to maintain smooth and supple skin


Supporting a stronger skin barrier shielding against dehydration, wrinkle formation and skin sensitivities


Accelerating inner cell detox by enhancing proteasome activity, resulting skin enlightenment from within

Clean & Conscious

We believe in embracing natural healthy skin just as we embrace our Dead Sea treasures. That’s why our formulations are always clean, kind and free from potential harmful ingredients.

Magnesium Salts

Their hydrating powers contribute to skin suppleness and protect against premature aging.

UGDC - Urban Glow Defender Complex

An anti-pollution complex based on deep Dead Sea water, jojoba wax, olive oil blend and Biosaccharides formulated to minimize the damage caused by urban pollution.

Superfood Blend

A synergetic composition of nutrient powerhouses rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals that rejuvenates skin and delivers age-defying results.

Dead Sea Crystals

The purest, most natural stable mineral form. Rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium and other trace elements which have a key role in skin`s rehydration.

Asian Complex

A balanced complex of three Asian medicinal plants: Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, ginger root extract and Panax ginseng root extract. This complex enhances skin resilience, regulates skin’s energy levels and improves its overall condition.

Diamond Powder

Pure, transparent natural diamond powder helps blur skin imperfections & wrinkles, improve skin cell metabolism, restore collagen and leave skin with brilliant polish and reflection of light.

What we don’t use and never will

Sodium Lauroamphoacetate

Acrylates Copolymer